Something I have never really done is set goals for the new year. I feel like I need to do that this year to pressure myself to dedicate time for them. It is something I have been thinking about more now with my business so I figured I would set some general professional goals for myself as well.

Start a Blog

For years, I have wanted to start blogging, but for one reason or the other, I have never just gotten started with it. Well, this year is the year. I have my blog up and my goals with it for this year is to build a custom theme for it and post at least two posts per month throughout the year.

Become More Involved with the WordPress Community

I made some great connections and found a wealth of help within the WordPress community in 2015. I hope to expand on that and take more of an active role this year.  My goal is to complete at least two of the following items in 2016:

  1. Submit at least one plugin to the WordPress plugin repository.
  2. Volunteer to help with a WordCamp.
  3. Attend a local WordPress Meet-up.
  4. Contribute a patch to WordPress core.

Learn JavaScript Deeply

While I have a decent handle on the JavaScript language over all and have used jQuery quite a bit, I have not ventured into the realm of things like Backbone.JS, AngularJS and React. With the directive from this years State of the Word being to “Learn JavaScript Deeply” I am making that one of my goals in conjunction with learning the WordPress REST API. I would like to:

  1. Build a custom endpoint using the REST API and use it in a production project.
  2. Use Backbone.JS (possibly with the REST API) to create something in the WordPress dashboard.
  3. Build something basic using the WordPress REST API in conjunction with either REACT or AngularJS as the front-end and WordPress as the back-end.

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