Came across an interesting issue today while troubleshooting an error a coworker was having trying to use the Excel-to-CI tool.

All of the connection settings had been verified, but when trying to load a new template and entering their credentials, they would get the message “Error: Invalid XML Returned.”  I was able to use the Excel-to-CI tool just fine from my computer and later determined that I was able to use it just fine from their computer as well, which meant that the issue was related to the user account in some way.

The solution ended up being that the users password was about to expire in the test environment we were connecting to. They changed their password and everything started working fine!

Just in case the password is not the issue in your case, some other possible causes for this error that I found while researching this issue are:

  • Confirming the information that is set in the “Connect Information” sheet.
  • None of the permission lists of which the user is a member of has access to the WEBLIB_SOAPTOCI iScript.
  • Invalid characters within the actual data that is being uploaded, most commonly the “&”.

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