I started listening to the SitePoint Versioning Podcast this week and they ask each of their guests an interesting question.  In your current career, what version are you? Being a developer, this question really intrigued me. What version am I?

After thinking about this question for a while I have determined that I am version 2.2 in production, but version 3.0 is currently in beta. I felt it was important for me to make this distinction as while I am working to launch my own software/service company, I still have a day job that consumes the majority of my time.

Rather than leaving it at just what version I am now, I decided to write this post more like a change log to look at how I have grown in my career overtime.

Version 0.1
I began writing HTML and publishing websites when I was around 12 years old. Of course it was 1997 so I was using GeoCities and had a number of sites ranging from a personal site to fan sites for different interests.

Version 0.2
While in high school I took over as webmaster for my high school as an independent study. I also started to explore Visual Basic and actually contributed code to a radio telescope project at the local community college which read the values being transmitted from an inclinometer and translated it into the readable angle of the device. I have no clue if this code was ever actually used for anything, but it was still something I remember working on.

Version 0.5
I was offered an internship at my high school and worked in the technology department during the summer and for a couple of hours each day.  My internship turned into a part-time job following graduation where I worked while attending college.

Version 1.0
I was offered and accepted a position at the local intermediate school district in their technology department. I was essentially the technology coordinator for one of the local school districts that they provided services for as well as webmaster for four school district websites.

Version 1.5
All of the local school districts in the county joined together to form an information services consortium. I was placed on the network team and as a team, we were given the task of determining how we would work to merge nine school districts into a single network, single domain structure, etc. The project lasted nearly three years from start to finish, but was successful and a great experience overall and landed me in the role of systems engineer.

Version 2.0
After nearly ten years in the education space, I decided it was time for a change. I had a friend that had worked in the IT department for a local healthcare system and he had been trying to get me to interview there for years. Unfortunately, I was not interested in a third shift job in the data center. However, when he called me about a developement job for their human resources software I was intrigued and eventually took the position.

Version 2.4 (present)
After I learned that there was a push to change the software that Human Resources was using to a cloud-based SaaS offering, I began looking at other initiatives that were getting started and I jumped on board a data archiving project with the friend that got me the job at the healthcare system. It was a very interesting project and would include lots of creativity and development so I was excited to get started on it and we are still working on this project daily.

Version 3.0 Beta (future)
About a year and a half ago I started my own business. The reason I list it as being in beta is because I have not been able to leave my day job and it will remain as so until I am able to do that. This venture is taking me back to my roots and I am working to provide web hosting and development services to local school districts. Web development is where my passion lies and I really have enjoyed working in education over the years and am excited to see where this leads.

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